Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Must Be Doing Something Right...

...although I can't take all the credit.

My 12 yo son pounded the pavement Saturday afternoon, looking for someone, anyone to pay him to mow their lawn.  In our neighborhood, that is very hard.  Most people around here pay these roving "services" that pop up every summer, because "they have a family to feed."  What was once a great summer job for teens is now a going concern for adults.  Not that I begrudge anyone a job.  It is just that my teens have no other way to earn money before they're 16. 

Back to my 12 yo.  He finally found a job and got paid $17 dollars.  He gave his friend $2 for going around the neighborhood with him--his friend did not mow.  He came home with $15.  What did he want to do with it?  Buy a toy?  Nope.  Buy a video game or magazine?  Nope.  Some kind of treat for himself?  Nope.  He went straight to the video game store to buy a special video game book for his brother's birthday on Friday.  He knew we didn't have the money to buy presents "from" everyone in the family--so he did it himself.  I am soooo proud of him right now.  He has got a rare work ethic that I hope he learned from his father and me. 

Not to take anything away from him, but my daughter started her own enterprise this summer also.  She started her own little "business".  Her net total profits thus far--$30 dollars.  Not bad for a 10 yo.  Don't want to say what the business is because I don't want to give anyone any ideas and shut her out of her very small niche market.  Suffice to say it was all her idea, she did a great job, and went out and sold her product herself.  She is a wonder.  And, yes, she too bought her brother a gift--actually a birthday card.  She's saving up for "something special".

God Bless them both.

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