Saturday, June 4, 2011

Early Morning Meanderings

Last night we had a "slumber" party for my daughter.  She being the only girl (with four brothers) compensates by being the one who brings friends home frequently.  This would be fine if the friends, when they came over for a slumber party, slept.  One of the girls wandered the house and woke me up more than once.  Finally she said she wanted to go home--at 5:30AM.  I talked her into waiting until it was light out at least, and turned cartoons on.  So she has settled in for corn flakes and hot cocoa until the others wake up.

Now, I think about all the times I've wanted to write.  I am so busy, though, that I can't take the time to sit down and write...

For instance, my son and I are reading "Paradise Lost" by John Milton.  Most people I know groan when they hear the title.  It has a really bad reputation.  I remember my college fiance talking about it.  It sounded dreadful.  I had vowed never to read it.  Well, guess what?  Here I am reading Milton with my high school junior, and I am enjoying it.  Since I grew up reading the King James Bible (I am a former Baptist, after all), the language really isn't that hard for me, with the exception of  a few outdated words that are, thankfully, explained in the footnotes.  Also, we've read a lot of Shakespeare and my son had enjoyed it, so I thought my junior would have no problems with Milton.  Actually, I think it bores him.  I'm a little frustrated by that.  However, I am have a great time reading this book.  Yes, Milton slips in some snide anti-Catholic nonsense every once in a while, but for the most part it is a fascinating look at the beginning of the world, Satan, and sin.  May be I'm just weird.

I'm also taking a theology class this trimester called God, Man, and the Universe.  The final paper we have to write is scaring me a little, mostly because I don't have a lot of free time right now to write--I don't even seem to be able to make time to keep this blog up to date.  Also, I haven't written a term paper in decades.  However, I am learning so much from the class, the stress is worth it.  Just learning about atheism, polytheism, and heresies in the past and modern ages is helping to better equip me as a Catholic apologist.  It also helps me see that most of the heretics I "talk to" online have nothing new to say.  Every false and silly they have to say about God, His Church, the Bible, salvation, etc. has been around before--and defended against and defeated before.  So, it is really nice to get some more ammo in the arsenal against heresies.

For instance, their is a silly woman on one of my debate forums who claims that the Church's belief in the Real Presence in the Eucharist can't be true because Jesus is on His throne in Heaven.  She says He cannot be in Heaven and everywhere in the Eucharist at the same time.  She still hasn't given me a straight answer on whether she believe Jesus is God or not.  This particular heresy, modalism, that is one God manifesting Himself in different modes, has actually popped up more than once in Church history--In Manicheism, fought against by St. Augustine, Sabellianism, and now by crazy lady home 'churches' apparently.  Oh, and she also believes the "Word" in St. John's Gospel chapter one is the Bible and not Jesus, and that the Holy Spirit is just God's soul, so to speak--really?  I don't understand where people get their crazy ideas.  That is the danger of "Sola Scriptura" or Scripture as the final authority.  If there is no one authority to steer you in the right direction concerning Scripture, you get screwy ideas like hers (or even Mr. Camping's).

Studying factual Church history and theology will (and did for me) lead one to the true Church, the one Our Jesus Christ established through His apostles.  He gave those men His authority and gave the leadership to it to St. Peter--that is not only clear in Church Tradition, which predates the Scriptures, but is clearly seen in Scripture.  I thank the Baptist church for the upbringing in the Scriptures and for my love of Our Lord Jesus.  I praise the Holy Spirit for leading me to His true Church and giving me Tradition, history, an appreciation and admiration for the Mother of God (a reference to Jesus' Divine Nature-PERIOD), St. Mary, and most especially for giving me Jesus Christ Himself in the Eucharist.  He said, "This is My Body...this is the cup of My Blood."  I believe Him.  I can't say enough about the Eucharist.  I can't believe I lived over 35 years without it.  Now I get to have Him the rest of my life--then eternity.  Praise God!

Well, time to take my son to his SAT.  I'm sure he can't wait--ha, ha!

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