Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012

It is a sad, sad day.  I am still hoping for the miracle I've been praying for for months, but it looks impossible now.  The news agencies are assuming Obama is reelected.  I am so seriously depressed that I almost can't breathe.  I'd like to cry but I am in such shock and dismay and utter, utter disbelief that the American public is so blind, so ignorant.  This is the one time in all my years on this earth that I am ashamed of my own country.  I am a Christian, a veteran, a mother of five, and a rabid patriot.  I just cannot believe that anyone believes that man is good for our country.  Can anyone tell me why?  I need some mourning clothes.

I was hoping Romney's election would delay the coming storm, but alas that looks like it is not going to happen.  Now, we are going to be forced to buy or finance (through our taxes) health insurance for those who can't afford it or illegal.  Yes, I said illegal.  I know it is not a politically correct word, but my Swedish ancestors came here legally.  They learned English and became tax paying citizens.  The didn't sneak into this country and use up services they did not pay for.  My Irish ancestors already knew English but they were persecuted and abused, but they came here legally and became tax paying citizens.  I don't know the answer to our health or immigration problems but they will never (yes, I said never) be solved under Obama--never.

We, true Catholics, will be facing a persecution, and soon.  Our institutions will be either forced to pay for "health services" that go against Catholic teaching or pay exorbitant penalties.  Does anyone think that closing down Catholic charities (which helps more people than the Red Cross), Catholic hospitals (which help people that don't have health insurance regardless of religion), or Catholic schools are a good thing?  Can I point out that the first school for poor kids in this country was founded by a Catholic nun--St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. 

Once all those who called themselves Christians felt the same way about abortion.  How can anyone who calls themselves a follower of Christ be okay with killing babies?  I cannot fathom it.  Up until it was legalized, all Christian groups opposed artificial birth control.  Most are not only abortifacient (it kills embryos; it does not prevent conception ) but cause serious complications, cancers, and death for thousands of women every year.  To call birth control and abortion "health care", we make a mockery of actual health care and of the Gospel and we make Christianity and our country a laughing stock.  The spiritual toll is high and it is getting higher.  Martyrdom is just around the corner.  We need to prepare!

I am sorry to be away so long and then come back with such a rant.  I seriously doubt I will be alright tomorrow.  I am seriously, seriously depressed.  I am sad.  I am ashamed.  I am in disbelief.  My patriotism has taken a serious blow tonight.  My mind cannot grasp it.