Saturday, June 18, 2011

Goodbye, Father Corapi, Hello Black Sheepdog

Dear Father Corapi,
We will miss your humor, your truth, your powerful messages inspired by the Holy Spirit.  I'm sorry this has happened to you the way it has.  While I am a Catholic faithful to the Magesterium, I do have problems with the American Bishops at times.  Just when you think things are looking up for the American Church, things like this happen.  It is a terrible injustice.  Yet, we know you are still a member of the Body, and we look forward to your future work.  I plan to take advantage of your book sale and reading any of the books I have yet to read.  Satan may seem to win now, I am confident (as I think you are too, from what I read) that he will not win in the end.  God bless you, Father. (Click to go to his website and message)



Anonymous said...

dear catholic mom of 5 you i am sure well not sure but if you are a good wife and mother show much more virture than corapi as u may know as of today 7/8/11 more alegations and facts came out including from his order SOLT lets just say bad things simply put he is garbage double standard, i dont want to listen to him about anything david in n.c.

cathmom5 said...

Yes, David, more things are coming to light--unfortunately. If you see the date on my blog article, it was long before things started coming from SOLT.

I was trying to keep my rhetoric to the "innocent until proven guilty" vein. Most people in the media (even Catholic media) and on the net were condemning him before ANY evidence of any kind had come out. Now, unfortunately, it seems those criticizing him may have been right.

I still pray for his soul and that whatever happened is confessed, forgiven, and much penance is done by Father Corapi.

I pray that good priests, remain so. May St. Michael help them battle Satan, his temptations, and all temptations of the flesh. Satan is laughing right now--let us not give him any more to laugh about.