Thursday, May 26, 2011

End of Year Blues

The end of the year is my least favorite time of the school year.  The children are even less motivated than at the beginning of the year.  As more and more kids are done for the summer, the less my kids are motivated.  We spent a lot of time on extra projects this spring which left us a little behind schedule.  I try my best to keep us close to the same schedule as the schools around us, so they can enjoy all the summer activities they can.  However, schoolwork comes first.  If we are to get the boys off to Boy Scout camp without school work hanging over their heads, they must take these next two weeks seriously and get done.  If the promise of summer vacation doesn't motivate kids to finish their work, what will?  I am out of ideas and out of patience--may be even out of my mind.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Religion as a Novelty

I just watched this video from the vortex. about how Obama loved seeing his girls meeting the pope.  Michael points out how Obama has no respect for children, as the world's leading proponate of abortion, nor the Catholic Church, a 'quaint novelty of the middle ages.'  I hope that as many Catholics as possible see this video.  I hope they are not as gullible during the next election; for if Michael's assertion is true that 'ignorant' Catholics help elect Obama, I hope and pray better educated Catholics will help boot him out.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Divine Mercy Novena

The Divine Mercy Novena seems to have worked!  Peace in the world for just a moment.  God bless America!