Sunday, October 28, 2007


We did have a long day today. Mom almost went nuts. She stayed just this side of sanity. HOWEVER, we finally did get pumpkins today.

We got one pumpkin for each of us. Tonight we made a glorious mess of the dining room. We covered everything with newspaper and started to cut and scoop away. Once the messy part was done the fun part could begin. I carved a wonderful arched back cat in the side of my very large pumpkin. I tried it out with a candle and I was pretty proud of myself. Then, my second son drew out his design but wanted me to carve it because he was scared of cutting himself. So, I carved his frowning, angry-faced pumpkin. My oldest came back from his Junior High youth group party then. He cleaned out the inside of his pumpkin. While I was bathing my daughter and the 'baby', he proceeded to draw out an extremely intricate "berserker" design. I took one look and went "WOW!" hoping he was not going to ask me to do the carving. Guess what. He asked if I could 'help' him carve it. He carved the nose...It looks wonderful but it took a while. My third son will have to paint his tomorrow. He and his sister got in a fight so he was sent to bed. Oh well, it really was a fun time of creativity and activity as a family. Sorry dad missed out.

Happy Halloween everyone.

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Pilgrim said...

Yea, that's the easy thing about having girls. A pumpkin is really not done until it has eyelashes!
Happy All Saints' Day.