Friday, October 19, 2007

Feeling Sorry

Since this is MY blog, I am allowed to whine if I want to. "It's my party. I can cry if I want to...." I have been feeling down lately. I had been feeling, spiritually dry for quite sometime. I went to confession 2 weeks ago and was as high and as free as a bird. But, the ordinary pressures of life with 5 kids and my husband out of town has me depressed all of a sudden. I seem to be getting nothing accomplished, my house is a mess, I have had no time with friends in quite awhile. I feel that I am now being ignored by family, friends, those on my debate forum, I don't know any neighbors. Almost as if I've disappeared. Do you ever feel that way?

I hope that lots of prayers and Scripture reading and confession this weekend will help. I do love my family. Every day is precious with them. It will be all too soon before they are all gone. I want to give them the gift of a sane, loving, Godly mom. I am doing my best Lord. I plan to say a prayer to the Divine Mercy. When I get a chance I will post it on my site.

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