Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en

To all my friends, don't be surprised if I say "Happy Halloween!" I know and you know that we are just having a bit of fun on the day before All Saints' Day on November 1st. The 'holiday' (from the term holy day) may have been a night used by those with evil intentions but has become a day of camp, fun, and parties. No one of my circle goes to Tarot readings, seances, celebrations of witches or evil spirits of any kind. If any Catholic participates in anything of the like they are endangering their souls. Having said that, I enjoy letting my kids dress up and fantasize about being an Egyptian prince, an archangel, a princess, even Batman or Spiderman for a day. It is healthy imagination at work and it is all in fun. They are not crossing any line into any darkside. My children have been taught and understand the difference between fantasy and reality. If no one kept bring up the so-called origins of Halloween, they would be lost to history and no one would be the wiser.

I am doing my best to teach my children about their Catholic faith heritage. St. Walburga understands this. One of her feast days is May 1st, the day her remains were translated to a Cathedral named in her honor. April 30th was taken over as Walpurgisnacht in parts of Germany. It is now a celebration day for neo-witches and occultists who can celebrate their rituals until the dawn of the saint's day when they are banished. It is similar to our Halloween for neo-pagans and wiccans here. And, it is just as bogus a 'holiday' for them. However, there is no trick or treating or kids having fun on that day.

Saint Walburga's primary feast day is February 25th, the day she was born into the communion of saints in about 779. I will continue to honor this holy woman as I honor all the saints on All Saints Day.

So, Happy Hallowe'en. Have a fun day with your kids and don't stress about the evil One. Remember God promised Satan would never prevail. Bring up your kids right. Help them understand the difference between good and evil. Help them to have a healthy fantasy life while they are young. It will be all too soon when the cares of the world will be put on their shoulders.

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