Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eric Clapton sings to Our Lady

Eric Clapton sings a tribute to the Blessed Virgin. It is sweet. This lovely song comes right out of my favorite era of popular music. He is one of my favorite musicians. The link is at the bottom of the page--enjoy.

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Maria said...

When I heard his song... I was really surprised and curious of the mystery of his song... I wanna know the true story behind of his life... If he talked to Blessed Virgin Mary while writing his song... and why everything just happened that way... before and after he wrote and performed his song to Mama Mary... i've watched his concert at Hyde Park in London on dvd and I've found it very touching and healing... it was passionate... as he sang, I felt God with me at the very moment I was watching and listening to his music titled "Holy Mother"... I'm a Roman Catholic... And a searcher for peace and love... May his song inspired the people to love God and Mary... May his song helped the people realized how great the LOVE of GOD is... and I believe that it's time for us to count all the things that God has done to us... and this time is the time to not just know God... but to realize who is God and what is God in you... May the people realize the great Love of God... God bless! AVE MARIA!