Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Care About Your Life Why? (or My April Rant)

I cannot believe the plethora of reality shows polluting the television channels now.  I was watching a movie that I really like on WE of all channels.  They were advertising their spring line-up exclusively made up of 8 or 10 "reality" shows.  Do all those people really believe we want to watch their lousy, raunchy lives, just because they have money?   Few of them have any manners, let alone any idea of civility.  Oh, and the modesty, where is the modesty?  Do these people really believe that people want to watch their foul-mouthed, rude, amoral, sometimes immoral antics? 

I confess, I do watch such 'reality' TV shows as Project Runway (never let my kids watch it since their are typically many gays on this one), Top Chef (don't let my kids watch this one since their are typical many lesbians on this one), Chopped (don't let my kids watch this one since...well, you get the idea), Food Network Challenge, The Apprentice (now Celebrity Apprentice) etc.  But looking at my choices, they are in reality (no pun intended) mostly competition shows.  I stopped watching soap operas decades ago, I don't want to watch somebody else airing their lives as some kind of soap.  It is not that interesting to me. 

Real life is complicated and hard.  We struggle with money, homeschooling, house and cars, and health and dental problems with the kids.  We struggle to do the right thing and help each other and our children get to Heaven.  Why would I want to watch you, who has millions of dollars, squander it on overpriced, unstylish clothes, ugly hair, ugly nails, gaudy jewelry, and gas guzzling cars you didn't earn.  Many are just famous for being famous (Paris Hilton comes immediately to mind) but really live quite sad, pathetic, empty lives.

My reality is quite enough for me.  My 12yo was upset Sunday.  He said, "It is against the commandment to keep the Lord's Day holy to do unnecessary work.  Why do I have to do the dishes?"  I tried not to laugh as I explained to him that dishes were necessary to eat off on Sunday just like any other day of the week.  Yep, how is that for a child throwing their Faith back in your face.  Reality TV?  Who needs it?  I really need to watch less TV.

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