Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Saint for Oklahoma

Portrait of Father Rother
Wow! We heard a great talk from our deacon Sunday about the "cause" for Fr. Rother. It was quite interesting to hear about the more than a decade he has been involved in the cause. The last three years were the most critical, as the historical research, witness interviews, and paperwork were all put together for Fr. Rother's cause. Just about two weeks ago, the crate holding the two copies of the over 7,000 page document was sealed up. Our deacon told us about how he had to make sure the boxes had to be wrapped in brown paper, and tied with a red ribbon. He had to insure that the wax seal on the ribbon made it to Rome, intact. He had to make sure the crate containing the wrapped boxes went out and spent the minimum time in a warehouse in the three digit July weather here in Oklahoma. He did that, but found out that when it did reach Rome, via FedEx, it got stuck in customs for a week. It is now at the Vatican. It may not be opened for a year or more. So, we just keep praying.

Image of Fr. Rother, Okarche, Ok
The "cause" for Fr. Rother is there and now all we can do is wait. However, most of us know that he is already there. He was, after all, a martyr for Christ. Many saints are already in Heaven whether the Church has made a declaration or not. But the declaration does point out the special, heroic virtue of the few that people here loved, admired, and looked up to as examples of Christ's love for us. Father Rother is one of those. God Bless you Servant of God Father Rother.

You can read the Sooner Catholic article about the official beginning of his "cause" on Oct. 5, 2007, and information on Fr. Rother and his cause at the Oklahoma Archdiocese website.
Fr. Rother display for CWV Memorial Post 168, Del City, Ok

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