Friday, August 6, 2010

Five Favorite Devotions

Well, the Mom tagged me for a "meme".  Believe it or not I have no idea what a meme is, but I'll have a go. 

Our Lady of Sorrow, Pray for us.
My five favorites devotions:

1.  The Divine Mercy Chaplet
2.  The Holy Rosary
3.  Chaplet of the Way of the Cross
4.  Stations of the Cross
5.  Novena to St. Walburga

Thanks for thinking of me, the Mom.  I have no idea who to tag.  I don't know that many people in the blogging world.  Let's see, I could tag CathApol, Smaller Manhattans, Catholic Fire, Ask Sister Mary Martha, and wdtprs.  The first two guys read my blog on occasion.  The other three don't even know I exist, but I'm a big fan and I'd love for anyone reading my blog to go check theirs out.

God bless.  Happy praying.


Sister Mary Martha said...

Not so fast!

cathmom5 said...

I am humbled and honored that you saw my blog, and meme. I love to read yours and have commented a couple of times. I guess I should have said, "Tag you're it."

I hope that others saw your blogger name here and visited your blog.

Thanks for stopping by.
God Bless you.