Friday, April 2, 2010

Just another Day

Gentle Reader,
Today I am writing to write.  I don't have a particular subject.

I was thinking alot about something someone said to me on a forum on which I am a member.  I find that you get false impressions of people.  I have to keep that in mind about myself, also.  A man, whom I thought was at least friendly to me, told me I should "see a shrink" because he thought I was being obsessive about another member.  Actually I was being "obsessive" about the false things she was saying about what Baptists believe, believe it or not.

You see, I grew up in the Baptist faith, General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) to be precise.  I believe the GARBC, though quite small compared to, say, the Southern Baptist Convention or the Independent Baptist Churches, would be considered a "mainstream" Baptist faith.  I grew up believing in the Trinity the exact same way it is taught in the (Catholic) Church.  I grew up believing in the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ in exactly the same way that the Church teaches it.  I grew up loving and believing in the Holy Scriptures, the way the Church does. 

My Baptist faith was actually the foundation of my Catholic faith.  I came to love the Lord and the Scriptures in the Baptist faith.  I came to love and adore the Real Presence of Our Lord, and respect and love His mother, in the Church.  I have come to have an affection for the Tradition of the Mass.  It all seems to me to be the maturity of the grounding in the faith I received as a child.  As an adult (in my thirties), I asked the Church and the Holy Spirit to "PROVE IT!" if the Catholic Faith was the one founded by Jesus Christ in the Gospels.  Over years of soul searching, and dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of prayer, the Holy Spirit answered me.

So, when defending THE Faith founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ and indwelled with the Holy Spirit, sometimes I still go off on a tangent letting people know Baptists aren't all as bad as some of the crazies on the internet.  I still have that affection for my faith upbringing that one has for their first love, or that treasured childhood toy.  I still love the faith I grew up with, but I grew up.  I live and love every day knowing that I now have the fullness of Faith. 

(Disclaimer to any family or friends reading this:  This was/is a personal journey and should not be seen as a reflection on you or your faith in any way shape or form.)

God Bless you as Holy week and the Triduum approaches.

Pictures:  Bible, Jesus in Leonardo's painting of the Last Supper, Jesus (with the Sacred Heart) and Mary (with the pierced Immaculate Heart)

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