Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Did you ever?

I was just thinking about forgiveness.  It is a very hard concept to follow.  Jesus was our perfect example of forgiveness.  I heard about how Our Lord Jesus Christ told us to forgive "...seventy times seven times" in a homily recently.  It is so hard to forgive even once, sometimes.  I am have a personal struggle with forgiveness.  I know someone whom I have a lot in common with but struggle to be friends with.  This  person wants help for his child, and I have trouble not having the "well that's what you get when you reject other people's kids."  I mean I have forgiven this person a slight of one of my kids, but it is hard to forget about it.  I know I should only think of the welfare of that child, but I have a hard time forgetting the parent's complicity in the hurt of mine.  It is now a struggle to be Christlike--to pray to be Christlike when it is against my own will.  How does one do it?  Pray, pray, pray.  Forgiveness, for a human, also requires some taming of the will.  Thank God, He doesn't need that.  He is Love and He always forgives.  I need forgiveness for the hardness of my heart right now.

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