Friday, August 9, 2013

Gardisil -- The Poisoning of our girls

I am not one of those stereo typed homeschoolers who doesn't believe in immunizing my children.  Yes, we need to be careful of the source of the vaccine.  Yes, we have to look at the research and side effects.  And yes, that is why I will NOT let them inject my daughter with gardisil.  From what I've read, the vaccine was not tested on anyone under 18, not tested on what it does to the woman/girl's body in the long term, and it was not safety tested concerning women's reproductive organs.

A recent article on about a British Medical Journal report backs up my suspicions about this vaccine.

"The manufacturer of Gardasil, has no supporting information on the effects of the vaccine on ovaries, suggesting that Merck had either done no safety testing on Gardasil in relation to its effects on women's reproductive systems, or had suppressed the information."
The vaccine was found to be the cause in premature menopause in a 16-year old, Australian girl.

"Gardasil has been controversial from the beginning," noted Steven Mosher of the Population Research Institute.
But, we've been told that we WILL vaccinate our girls as young as 10 years old.  I have been vigilant in not allowing my 12 year old to receive this vaccine, but I am sure some overzealous shot clinic person may try to get it past me.  I had an experience when I was pregnant with my second child.  They gave the live chicken pox virus to my first child.  When I found out, I was livid.  I was pregnant! and obviously so.  Not only did I not know there even was a chicken pox virus vaccination (we just got the chicken pox, and liked it) but they endangered my unborn son without my knowledge, until it was too late.  Their answer was that it was on the shot record they gave me--forgive me if I didn't know what varicella means.  Now I know.  I have been much, much more vigilant ever since.  I will never allow my daughter to be given that shot.  If she chooses to have it after she is 18, that is up to her, but I am not going to destroy her life as a government guinea pig.

"In the case of the Australian girl the effect is irreversible. She has lost an integral part of her womanhood, while still but a child,” he said. “Women deserve better."
It is a shame on our society, that in the name of sexual "freedom" we are killing our future generations.  This is one known case.  How many more are there out there?  I bet we won't hear about it anytime soon--not until there are hundreds or thousands of young women who are either sterile or otherwise adversely affected, permanently.  There should be outrage.  There should be protests.  But, as long as we follow the politically correct (though majorly erroneous) course of supposedly keeping a small percentage of them from getting rare (in young women) cervical cancer, it's okay if some of them become infertile--they're only girls, what does it matter?

Just more proof that "women's lib" continues to destroy women's lives. 

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