Friday, February 3, 2012

Komen v. PP

Wow!  What is going on there?  Someone at Susan G. Komen finally found the balls to stand up to Planned Parenthood and cut them off.  There was a lot of cheering in my house!  No, they've caved.  Really?

Research has shown that oral contraceptives, post-poning pregnancy through years of O.C.'s, and even abortions significantly increase a woman's chances of getting breast cancer, uterine cancer, and other cancers.  But, Komen's "march for the cure" has been giving Planned Parenthood at least $680,000 "for breast cancer screenings" every year.  PP says they only used that money for screenings.  One, this money, if indeed they ARE using the money "only" for screenings, frees up that much more money to use for their anti-woman, anti-life agenda.  And two, how do we know that it is used only for screenings?  Do they track those dollars from their receipt to clinics who give screenings?  And, PP's complete honesty should convince us that they only care about women's health?  Really.

I had planned for the first time to write to Komen and give a contribution.  I was rejoicing that they had finally severed their connection with the extremely shady and vile PP. 

Today, they caved.  The funny thing is, PP supposedly got over a $1 million dollars in contributions from women upset by Komen's decision.  They obviously don't need Komen's money--so WHY cave?  I don't get it!!!  They will not see a penny of mine, nor will I support their "charity" while they are in partnership with PP.  Never.

[Oops, the picture I posted was not the message I wished to convey. I have removed it. If any of you saw it already, my apologies]

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