Friday, February 24, 2012

Just a Gripe

One of my biggest gripes about driving in this state is that few people seem to know what a stop sign is for.  I often observe people driving through, slowing then driving through, and almost stopping (their wheels never actually stop turning) at the stop sign across from our house.  I got "t-boned" by a lady who stopped at a stop sign but then went through the intersection without looking right first.  I frequently see cross ignore the stop sign at the exit to the high school parking lot.  At the four-way stop on the other side of the high school few vehicles actually stop at the stop sign.  I don't get it.  Can someone explain to me why "stop" does not mean stop?

And, one of these days some one is going to get killed in the high school parking lot.  I observed one 'kid' driving a truck getting impatient.  Yes, the car ahead of him was going excruciatingly slow (about 5mph).  But, once that car was past the stop sign, he hit the gas (not stopping at the stop sign), and gunned it around 10-12 teenagers walking through the parking lot.  He barely kept from hitting one teen as he screeched his tires around the group (who, btw, were NOT in the driving lane).  I drove behind the slow driver to the other end of the parking lot to the exit, while he drove to the other exit.  The irony is that that slow car was the only car ahead of me at the stop sign; I observed that there were 3 cars ahead of speedy Gonzalez.  He actually had to wait longer to get out of the parking lot because of his impatience.

Enough of a gripe for today.

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