Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rock and Roll

Last night we, here in Oklahoma, had a 5.6 earthquake at 11pm.  It lasted close to half a minute.  It is one of the strongest I've experienced since I was a kid in Seattle.  Two of my kids were awakened and my oldest, who was awake, all  showed up in the living room, asking me what was going on.  I told them it felt like it was between a 5 and a 6.  I didn't know how right I was until this morning!  But what a ride!  It is exhilarating at the same time it is terrifying.  Our whole house shook as if it were on rails.  No damage done--but it sounded like we had monsters in the closets.  It felt like I was "home" again in Auburn (near Seattle), Washington. 
We really are not in charge.  God has us right in His hands. 

More later...

Addendum:  We had another experience about 8 pm Saturday night.  It was "only" a 4.6.  But we were fully aware of the experience.  It was quite interesting to have a thunder storm with a threat of tornadoes, at the same time an earthquake is rocking the house.  Wow!  What is God trying to tell us?!

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