Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Catholic Distance University

I started my college career at 18.  However in my Junior year, I quit college because I was scared of debt.  I was already $30,000 in the hole and had another year and a half to go for my teaching degree.  I eventually joined the Air Force and paid my debt.  I also received an Associates degree during my tenure.  I considered "completion" degrees here and there, but almost every one of them was for a business degree or nursing.  I was not interested at all in a business degree and I do not qualify for a nursing degree, so I pretty much let it go.  Until now...

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 I looked into Catholic Distance University.  My husband was flying for an airline, and gone 2 weeks out of 4.  Call it a mid-life crisis but I panicked a little, wondering what would happen to me if he didn't come back (I've been a stay at home, homeschooling mom for almost 18 years now).   Catholic Distance University (CDU) has a Bachelor's degree completion program in a field I'm interested in--Theology.  It can be done completely online.  They've had their online Master's courses for sometime, as well.  CDU also offers catechetical certificates and education credits, and their seminars are wonderful!  This year they've even introduced an Associates' degree program.  You can do it all on line, at your convenience.  Yes, I've done school work at 1AM a couple of times.  I fit my assignments, readings, and research for papers at my convenience. 

So, if you're a stay at home mom like me, or a working man or woman who would like to finish or get a degree, and interested in studying catechetics or theology, you should check them out. 

So go here for the CDU homepage, here for information on their AA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Catholic Studies program, here for CDU's Bachelor of Arts in theology degree completion progree, and here for their Master of Arts in Theology degree.  Also available from CDU, the catechetical diploma,  courses for education credit withour applying to one of their programs, and non-credit courses and seminars for those who just want to learn more about the Catholic faith.  So, go check them out and help me win a free seminar!

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Therese Cashen said...

Thanks for the sharing your CDU story with us. Keep up the great work and helping to spread the word about our university.