Friday, October 7, 2011

Wonderful Book on the Mass

This is the whole package that is available
 I don't think I can recommend many books as highly as I want to recommend Dr. Sri's current book, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass.  I am only halfway through the book and study guide.  I've seen the introductory video (at our last month's catechists meeting).  This book takes you not only through the biblical roots of the Mass, in what we say and do, but it also takes you through the changes to the wording of parts of the Mass that go into affect this year at Advent.

All of the materials for the parish or for personal use can be purchased from Ascension Press.  I have the book (orange cover) and the student book behind it.  I did not purchase the videos, but our parish did.  It is well worth the viewing.  This book is a must for anyone interested in the changes in the Mass this year or interested in the Biblical roots of the Mass.

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