Friday, September 10, 2010


Last night I went to a meeting of a "club" to which I belong.  (I won't mention the name because it is a good organization with really good people in it.)  The man in charge just quit.  The "club" is one year old.  He was so excited to get the "club" going (he's been trying for years) that he had about 20 projects going all at once.  We only have 28 members, with only about 8 of them active.  All of us have job, family, and Church obligations as well.  I can absolutely understand why he feels burnt out and his health is deteriorating, but I don't feel sorry for him.  He did it to himself.  If you know you have a handful of people that help you with projects but can't run one of the programs you installed, why would you take it on?  No one has ESP and no on is going to take on more than they can handle--except him.  A new "club" with few active members can't do a couple of dozen projects and programs all at once.  You can't just throw a baby tantrum, especially in front of a new member who you're trying to talk into bringing in new members, and expect sympathy. 

I am a Catholic mother of five children whom I home school .   Two of my children are in High School this year.  We have appointments and trips.  I teach religious education.  I just transitioned to second grade first sacraments class, which took a lot of time in planning this summer.  I have children with health concerns.  I am now taking a course to complete my Bachelor's degree.

I have participated in "club" meetings and activities as I can.  Have I made every activity?  Of course not.  But I am a trustee of the "club".  I've been to all but one regular meeting, every officer's meeting, and 2 of the 3 special meetings this year.  I've been in a parade, gone to Tulsa for an award ceremony, been to one funeral, all the memorial day activities, and participated in several flag ceremonies.  I've folded hundreds of flags, placed them on graves, and helped pick them up again. I refuse to feel guilty because the head of the "club" feels put upon.  I did, however, control my feelings.  I came within a hair of quitting myself.  Our leader is angry that he didn't get enough help.  Well, I feel that I didn't get enough thank yous for my time either.  I don't believe he reads my blog, and I'm still deciding if I should say anything.  If the "club" falls apart because of this, I won't feel one bit regretful of my actions and I will try my best not to be bitter.

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