Thursday, September 23, 2010

Controversy on St. Augustine

Here is an article on a friend's blog about St. Augustine.  I find it amusing that a small controversy stirred up around it.  Only proving to me that protestants are indeed trying to hijack St. Augustine.  Many try to say that Sl. Augustine was not Catholic nor supported the Catholic Church.  The facts that St. Augustine was a priest and bishop of the Church, that his great works "Confession" and "City of God" are Catholic apologetic works through and through, that St. Augustine supported the magesterium and the papacy, seem to escape them time and time again.  St. Augustine was a passionate supporter of the Church founded by Christ on the Rock, Peter.  No matter how protestants try to rationalize what he said, they cannot seriously prove that St. Augustine was anything but Catholic.

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CathApol said...

It can be said too, that while St. (and Doctor) Augustine supported the magisterium and the papacy, he did have some scrimmages with Pope Zosimus - but even where he stood in disagreement, after he sent messages (rescripts) to Rome, and Rome responded to him he declared "causa finita est," (the case is closed). This is often (and accurately) paraphrased, "Roma locuta est, causa finita est," (Rome has spoken, the case is closed). Here's a link of where James White and I went round and round over "roma locuta est...". The point is, even when he disagreed with one of the popes he served, he respected the office and successor of St. Peter.

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