Saturday, July 10, 2010

Feeling Sorry

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks?  I have.  Yesterday (Wednesday) was just the "topping" on the Sundae that is my life.  Friday, of fourth of July weekend, our van brakes went out.  Well, any plans to go anywhere for the holiday died right there. Our mechanic was already closed for the weekend, and not a rental car in sight.  We limped along on Saturday with or 16 year old second car and went no where.  Sunday, my husband took me out to lunch, as he was leaving town soon and wanted some alone time.  We go out to the car, loaded, by the way with our oldest's camp gear, and low and behold the transmission doesn't work.  So, we walk home. 

Praise God for a loving neighbor--shout out to LANCE!!!  He drove to where our car was and helped my husband put our son's camp gear in the back of his truck.  They came back and Lance handed the keys to his truck to my husband, and said I could drive it to camp.  I pray my son is having the time of his life right now at camp.  It was about an hour and a half round trip, and I immediately returned his truck safe and sound.  Then he and my husband went back to the car, found a not-too-expensive part for the gear shift, and repaired the car.

Monday, the van was repaired.  Not too expensive but still more money than we could afford.  Tuesday, rain.  Our basement flooded yet again.  I have yet to assess the damage.  I tried my best to save all school items from flood or splashing.  Our sump pump gets overwhelmed when there is a deluge.  Now there is also a hole in the floor where water went under the tiles.  I have no idea how we can afford to fix the basement.  We need it water proofed and there has got to be a better solution for the sump.  I am trying my best not to cry about it.  Yes, it is a great house but I am pushing 50 and I can't bail for years to come. 

To top it all off, I went out to the garage to put some towels in the dryer and slipped.  I did the splits I never thought I could do again.  I slammed my right hip into the cement stairs, and twisted my left leg behind me, up the stairs.  It seemed as if I would break like a wishbone but, no, I survived.  I had to sit on the couch with just about everything below my knees packed in ice.  I can walk though so I don't think I broke anything.  Today, my back hurts, I must have wrenched it, and my hip is excruciating--the only thing I didn't ice last night. 

Update...Friday (yesterday, now) the A/C went out while I was out working on VBS materials for Monday.  The first place I called couldn't come out until Monday.  Are you kidding?  No A/C in Oklahoma in July all weekend, really?  I said thank you and hung up.  I called another A/C repair place and got a message machine, I hung up.  The third place, the "Kool Guys", came within an hour.  The technician informed me that they mostly work on commercial buildings that is why he was not on a "house call" at the time.  Praise God!  We now have air conditioning. 

I pray that trouble will leave us alone now. 

I'm on my way to get my oldest.  It rained 3 days/nights this week.  I hope they had lots of alternate indoor activities planned.


aka the Mom said...

You must be doing something right to be so under attack. Good job, you! I just hope the next week is a bit easier for you.

cathmom5 said...

Thanks, the Mom. I really was trying to see it in that light. It is hard sometimes when the bad stuff just won't stop coming.

God Bless