Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Couple of Recipes

On a friend's blog she has a recipe exchange on Mondays and has some stored on her site.  Well, today, I was thinking of a couple of things I like to do, but have not made it on her Monday list, yet.

Today I made the following for dinner.  It is quick (takes about 10-15 minutes depending on how fast your stove boils water) and easy when mom is out of ideas and energy.

2 boxes Mac and Cheese mix (I use two because I have 5 kids-use only one if you have only one or two kids--and only if they are not teenagers.)
margarine, as called for on box(es)
milk, as called for on box(es)
1 bag frozen broccoli baby florets (I really don't like to get a bag full of stems.)
1 to 2 cans Spam

1.  Cook Mac and Cheese as directed.  Put steamer on top of boiling pasta. 
2.  Put Steamer on top of boiling pasta.  If you don't have a steamer pot for your set, us a metal colander on top of your pot.  Put broccoli in steamer/colander.  Cover.  Lower temperature so it doesn't boil over.
3.  While that is cooking, cube Spam.
4.  When pasta is cooked and broccoli is steamed to perfection, mix cheese sauce as directed on box.
5.  Add cooked broccoli and cubed Spam.
6.  Serve.  I can serve my five kids (two of them teenage boys) with this recipe.

How about desert?  Cold S-mores Parfait.

1 or 2 boxes of instant chocolate pudding (depending on how many you want to make)
4-6 graham crackers
mini marshmallows

1.  Crush graham crackers to coarse crumbs
2.  Mix chocolate pudding as directed on package.
3.  Take out desert glasses, parfait glasses, deep cups, anything you got to layer the dessert.
4.  Put in small layer of pudding.
5.  Cover pudding with a layer of graham crackers.
6.  Sprinkle in marshmallows.
7.  Repeat steps 4-6 twice.  Make sure that you end with Marshmallows on top.  I had some that were stars.  It looked great!  Watch out the portions can look small but they really fill you up.
8.  Serve and enjoy.

Voile!  Dinner and desert in 1/2 hour.  Gotta love it.

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