Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soup and Ashes

Well, today marks the first day of that very important Church season of Lent. When we remember the lowliness of our humanity and the wonderfulness of Jesus' coming. Today was also the third day of our illness 'season.' Since monday, we've had 4 of our 5 kids battling the "flu" or something "like it" (from the telephone nurse). We even had one with the barking seal cough at 330 AM. I think I have done my entire penance for Lent. My husband and oldest son (the only one presently without fever--although he spent the whole weekend sick) attended Mass this morning. I had the privelege of going by myself this evening. Even though the church was awfully crowded, it was nice to be able to concentrate on the Mass and not on my children's behaviour in Mass. It is also the one day you can't chat with friends you haven't seen in a long time because they don't attend the same Sunday Mass as you.

Today we enjoyed "Spartan Soup" for dinner. My third son picked it out of our 'Monastary Soups' cookbook just because of the name. It was a hit with Mom, Dad, and eldest son. It fell a little flat for our less adventurous younger kids. It is basically an onion/leek soup with egg in it. It was truly delicious and hardly seemed like sacrificing anything. I am still full even though we ate 4 hours ago. We had an early dinner because the 2 of us who did fast were starving. All the kids, save one and he is diabetic so can't fast as such, are too young anyway but we are trying to get them used to at least not snacking all day on Ash Wednesday.

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