Sunday, February 1, 2009

God is a Trapeze Artist

Today I attended a sponsor/ candidate confirmation class with my son. No, I am not his sponsor but his sponsor cannot come to every meeting as he lives about 6 hours away by car. Anyway... today they played one of those silly games that always seem to be current for youth groups. It was a game of either/ or decisions. You decide if 'God is more like _______ or ________' and then give a reason for your choice. Well, the choice was 'Is God more like a trapeze artist or a circus clown?' (Remember, I said it was silly) My son's answer actually moved me almost to tears. He said that God was like a trapeze artist. God is on one trapeze and we are on the other. God stretches His hands out and waits for us to come to Him. We have to let go of our 'bar' fly through the air and grab His hands in order not to fall. God, unlike a real trapeze artist will always catch us....Wow, I don't think there could have been a prouder parent in the room. One of the other parents said we (his parents) must be doing something right. I say that my contribution was minimal. I think the Holy Spirit moves in that boy; quickly turning him into a very good man.

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lisa said...

Thank you for sharing. That is a WONDERFUL boy you insightful!

God bless you and your entire family.