Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why can't anything be easy?

Today I finally got all my school lesson plans. Wow! One and a half boxes of paper. I can't believe how much paper that is. But, they forgot my whole third grade. So far, I have found two books I forgot to order and I ordered the wrong Latin program lesson plans. I want to wait until I've checked over everything to make sure I don't need to order more--oh, and I accidently ordered my daughter's science workbook twice. I know the homeschool we enroll in is VERY busy at this time of the year but I want to get started now. I am anxious to get school set up and start soon. Aren't I their most important customer? ;-)

Another problem I'm having...I cannot pay for an item on ebay. My paypal account does not seem to work. I wrote the security center. They sent me a nice note back that they were happy to inform me that my account now works. So, I go to pay doesn't work! So, I CALL the "help" center. Of course, you have to go through a 'phone maze' first. Then I talk to some woman who talks fast and has some kind of accent. She talks to me like I am stupid...Do you know your password? Is your caps lock on? Did you try this way? Did you try that way?....IF I didn't already try those WHY WOULD I BE CALLING YOU?????? Anyway, after an hour of repitition and stupid questions (hers I mean) I just said, "Thank you very much, let's not waste each other's time," and I hung up. I sent another message to the so-called help center. We'll see.

I am trying to get my three year old potty trained. I think I already missed "the window of opportunity." You know, that window where they are willing and able to train but you're too busy. Anyway, I hope it doesn't take as long as son #3 did. I had to make a deal with him. I asked him (picture my pulling my hair out), "When will you use the potty????" He said when I am four. So, since his fourth birthday was 2 1/2 months away by then, I didn't mention it again. Yes, I kept wiping his poopy butt. On his fourth birthday, we had a heart to heart. "You promised you would use the potty when you were four." (picture the honey tones here) THREE DAYS later he said, "I did it! Wanna see my poop?" It was one of the best days of my life...sad, huh? Anyway, I hope it doesn't take son #4 that long. He was very excited to wear his new training pants today but sat on the couch and went in them. So, now I have to change him and dry the couch.

Storm clouds outside, leaky basement, ugh....

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