Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Field Trip

Today St. Walburga's Academy went on a field trip. My five students and I went to the art museum downtown OKC and saw Roman Art for the Louvre. You can view their website here: http://okcmoa.com/romanartfromthelouvre/ We had such a great time. It was better than I expected.

1- The three year old did not fuss--much.
2- Very few incidents of running.
3- We only set off one alarm.
4- I actually got to read about 1/2 the material posted for the exhibit.
5- I actually got to look at things up close.
6- One of the curators was happy to give us a lot of information about items in the exhibit without '3 weeks notice' posted for group tours.
7- The art was bigger and more detailed then expected from the pictures. Of course, a 2 inch picture on a screen does not prepare one for an enormous 5 foot tall bust of Lucilla. Just trying to imagine a full sized statue with that 5 foot head is awsome. And...there were statues MUCH bigger than that in Rome. Wow!
8- It was great to see these portraits (mostly) in marble. You can picture the historical people in a more realistic light.

All the students had a good time despite the late lunch afterward. I look forward to more, interesting field trips. The best part was that on the initiative of one of the homeschool mothers we got a group rate. The admission was only $12 (plus $1.50 for parking) as opposed to the $52 for the regular rates.
Whoo, hoo! Thanks Nici!

Praise God for a WONDERFUL DAY!!

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