Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was told I was being lazy that I hadn't written in awhile. I have been waiting for a moment of peace and quiet in which to put together a cogent post. But thought I'd put a few things down.

Let's see I've got to get my homeschool clean, set up, and my lesson plans done in the next two weeks. I know some people will say that that is a self-imposed deadline but if there is no deadline at all things will NEVER be organized or taken seriously. I have started on my lesson plans for material not included in the school's plans. I am still waiting for plans in the mail. I do hope they come soon!!! I also have to complete my quarterly reports to send to the school for last year.

We've been in this house for almost a year and it still looks like we just moved in. I sure would like a clean garage to park my car in this winter--but I'll not hold my breath.

I just met the new DRE at church. She seems nice. We had been missinig each other on the phone--my kids do not relay messages. And, I emailed her without knowing the email address had changed. We each thought the other was not responding. I have mixed feelings about this year of CCD. My lesson plans are retreads from last year but it will have a whole different feeling starting on my own this year.

Saw the 'old' DRE today also. She is teaching 1st grade this year at the parish school. What a lot of work she was stuck with! Cleaning blinds and windows, wow! She also got furniture damaged by the carpet installers. They want her to store all the extra 1st grade material (for a second class they are not having this year) in her room somewhere--where? I rather like the sky blue they painted her room (only about a shade lighter than my breakfast-room-turned-office, but she hates it. I think it is bright and cheery.

I sure wish I could afford to finish painting and decorating. I think we may just paint another room soon. We'll see.

I discovered our dog has been "leaving his mark" in my youngest two children's room--AGAIN. Of course he doesn't respect either one of them. But, the real problem is that if I leave the house with my oldest in charge, the dog is ignored. The kids are oblivious to the dogs needs and don't see him wandering into the bedrooms to use them as a toilet. He is over a year old now; you'd think he'd be done with that by now.

In my mind, I am working on a cooking/cleaning schedule for the kids. I have to put it down on paper and get them going. I have to work out a reward system also. I am also trying to figure out how to fit some sewing in before serious work on school is completed. Oh, and I have to plan the Webelos Scout year as well.

I also have elements of a novel floating around in my head. I don't want to give away anything because I don't want my ideas stolen. The initial impetus for the story came from my 13 yo plus elements from various sources. It has some theology in it but it is mainly fiction. I hope to start work on it soon before I start to forget my ideas.

I'm feeling so overwhelmed, I can't seem to get anything done. Anyway, tired....

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