Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Psalm for Today

I wanted to contemplate God's goodness today.
Here is Claude Monet's 'Arm of the Seine near Giverny'. Monet is one of my all time favorite artists. What a beautiful recreation of the majesty of God's handiwork.

Something beautiful to look at while contemplating today's Psalm.
Today's Psalm is 145:1-5 and 10-11.

I sing your praises, God my King,
I bless Your Name for ever and ever,
blessing You day after day,
and praising Your Name for ever and ever.
Can anyone measure the magnificence of
Yahweh the great, and his inexpressible grandeur?

Celebrating your acts of power,
one age shall praise Your doings to another.
Oh, the spendor of Your glory, Your renown!
I tell myself the story of Your marvelous deeds.

Yahweh, all your creatures thank You,
and your faithful bless You.
Kingly and glorious they proclaim You,
they affirm Your might.

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