Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tea Party

One of my favorite shows is "Bones" on Fox. However, the writers are very anti-Catholic, specifically, and anti-Christian in general. The main character, Dr. Brennan ("Bones") is an atheistic scientist and believes that anything her husband, FBI agent Seeley Booth, a Catholic, is silly. In the latest episode of Bones, she says her husband's belief in transubstantiation is equivalent to her daughter feeding cake to her stuffed rabbit. Booth does not engage in discussion about it, as the phone rings. That is how they always leave these kinds of discussions on the show. No rebuttal, no explanation. The writers have an agenda and are obviously not interested in presenting truth.

I remember a previous episode in which Booth and Brennan were in trouble and Booth wanted their daughter baptized. He finally convinced Brennan to allow him to have her "christened"--a word not used for Catholic baptism--to make him feel better. She believed it only made the baby wet. They show a scene with a priest, Booth, and Brennan's father at a baptismal font. Brennan shows up at the last minute, not because she believes in Baptism now but that it may be the last time she sees her husband for quite some time. At this point she runs away with the baby for several months.

Number one, baptism is a very serious matter in the Catholic Church. It is not normally done frivolously. I say, not normally, because their are priests that are much more liberal about the Sacraments. Baptism is a sacrament that gives God's life of grace to the soul. It washes away Original Sin.

Number two, most parishes of which I am aware, require parents and at least one godparent to attend either a class on the Sacrament or counseling with the priest or deacon who will be doing the baptism. The Church does not take this lightly.

Number three, "godparent" is not an honorary title in the Church. Godparents are supposed to be the adults designated to see that the child is brought up in the faith if something happens to the parents. In that scene on the show, there were no godparents present. There must be at least one at a Catholic Baptism.  

My point is that the writers don't even try to make an effort to portray Catholic beliefs in a factual manner. It seems as if that the assigning of the Catholic faith to one character on the show was for the sole purpose of making fun of the Church and a person's faith in Christianity. They have a Muslim character, but they treat his faith, when they treat it, with respect. "Bones"doesn't make fun of the mythology and falsity of his religion ever. In point of fact, his Arabic poetry was praised on the show.

This is now our culture. Where we aren't allowed to say that English should be our national language. Just because every other immigrant who came here had to learn English, doesn't mean we should hurt illegals' feelings by requiring them to learn it. We aren't allowed to refuse service to immoral people, because they are now a protected class. We aren't allowed to state that Islam is certainly not a religion of peace but one founded on violence. But, it is okay to make fun of Christians. It is okay to twist, lie about, and make fun of Catholics' beliefs. It is open season on Christians in other countries but we don't say or do anything about it.  Why is that?

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