Friday, July 26, 2013

Oral Deception

Legatus Magazine published an article on the detrimental health risks associated with taking birth control pills.  The article, "Oral Deception," by Sabrina Arena Ferrisi  tells how the occurrence of breast cancer is on the rise because of oral contraception.  While women in droves stopped taking hormone replacement therapy in the wake of studies which showed a link to much higher risk of breast cancer, the media and doctors ignored the fact that birth control pills have the same hormones in even higher concentrations.  Breast cancer incidents in women over 50 have begun to drop (11% according to Ferrisi), but breast cancer in women under 50 is alarmingly on the rise because of the long term use of oral contraceptives.  These women have no idea that they are doing this to their bodies and the media refuses to make it an issue because it isn't politically correct. 

I've written about the detrimental health effects in debate on more than one occasion in debate.  The effects of the pill are why I do not support Susan G. Komen.  That cancer research organization teams up with the deceptive, conniving Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood is the leader in distributing the pill and providing abortions, both of which are directly linked to higher incidents of cancer (even in women that don't smoke), strokes, heart attack, blood clots, serious infections such as HIV and HPV, etc.  Sometimes one cannot help but give them (SGK) money tangentially because so many products now "give" to SGK and that is bad enough.  To have an organization that is supposedly trying to find a cure for breast cancer in partnership with an organization that actively engages in actions that cause cancer risks to rise, is illogical to say the least.

Women need to be told the truth about the long term risks of these behaviors.  Perhaps this "liberation" mentality can be see for the destructive behavior that it is and be turned around.  I pray for the day that women stop being objects and are respected and taken care of like they should.  We need to make everyone aware of this widespread tragedy in the making.

Included as addendum to Ferrisi's article:

Effects of the pill

  • The Pill makes your blood clot. For women who have never smoked, do not have diabetes or hypertension, the Pill still doubles the risk of heart attack. Those who smoke have 12 times the risk of heart attack. NEJM 2001; 345:1787-93
  • Women on the Pill have over twice the risk for stroke. JAMA July 5, 2000; 284: 72-78.
  • The risk of lung blood clots is two- to three-times higher for women on the Pill. BMJ 2011;343:d6423
  • Women on the Pill are more likely to develop lethal infections such as HIV and HPV. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 1999; May 1 21 (1):51-58
  • There is a 320% higher risk of triple-negative breast cancer in women on the Pill, which is the most deadly form of breast cancer to treat. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2009;18(4):1157-65
  • Women who use the Pill for five to nine years have twice the risk of cervical cancer. Lancet 2002;Mar 30;359(9312):1085-92
  • The Pill increases the risk of liver cancer in women by 50%. IARC 2007 Mo

Organic alternatives to the pill

Marquette Method
Sympto-Thermal Method
Creighton Method
nograph 91.

[added by me:]
The Billings Ovulation Method