Monday, February 18, 2013


Wow, did I get attacked today. 

I am feeling soooo unappreciated.  I have 6 Cub Scouts, 27 First Sacraments students, 3 homeschooled children, one son in college, one son in public high school, one husband working on his Master's degree, and I am working on completing a Bachelor's degree in theology.  No pressure on me whatsoever.

So, when a parent questions what is going on in our Cub Scout den, I answered his question and then suggested he be the leader of the den. I said I would be happy to relinquish my leadership role.  What does he do?  Goes on a rant about how an angry person shouldn't be a scout leader and quits the pack.  A simple, "Oh, wow, you guys have been doing a lot in the den."  Then, either tell me I'm doing okay as a leader or step up and do it himself.  I don't understand when someone is so demanding, then so sensitive when you answer their questions.  Yes, the suggestion that he take over as leader could be perceived as anger--but I meant it sincerely; he'd be a terrific Scout leader and it would be a lot less pressure on me.

I am so sick of being "responsible", not only for my own children but other people's, and not being appreciated or encouraged.  Not only do many of the parents not appreciate what others do for their children, whether it is a school teacher, an RE teacher, a scout leader, whatever, but get angry when you don't do it their way.  Well, parents, if your way is better, why don't you do it; you be responsible as a teacher's aid, an RE teacher, or a scout leader yourself.  If I hadn't stepped up, my son would not have had the opportunity to be a Tiger Scout last year--and there is no Tiger Den in our pack this year--no one stepped up.  Instead of critizing or getting your nose out of joint because the teacher/leader is not doing the job they way you think they should--help, volunteer, encourage!

This Lent, thank a teacher, thank a Catechist, thank a scout Leader, thank the volunteers in your parish for what they do.  Don't rag on them, thank them.

Rant over.

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