Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Doctor Frustration

I don't really understand the wish for socialized medicine.  If many of the socialists in this country really want socialized medicine, they should experience the wonder that is military clinics.  Not only do they send us to an off-base clinic about 4 out of 5 times--which costs me money--but when I want to go off base, they make my son wait until the next morning at the military clinic.

Then, I am pretty much ordered to be there 15 minutes before the appointment.  So, I'm supposed to be there at 7:30 AM for a 7:45 appointment.  Ok.  So, I ask, "Will we be able to make a 9:00 AM appointment for my daughter?"  Having over 20 years experience with military clinics, I did not think this an unreasonable question.  However, the female airman on the phone apparently thought it a sarcastic question because she said in a very snotty tone, "It's a fifteen minute slot, ma'am."  Well, I took the appointment, what choice did I have anyway?  Pay full price for a clinic appointment off base, I suppose. 

This morning we got to the clinic at 7:32AM.  Guess when my son saw the doctor?  7:45?  NO.  8:00?  NO.  8:15?  NO.  And they wonder why I asked if I could make a 9:00 appointment?  Really?  It was 8:28, when the doctor strolled in, in a very crappy mood.  I tried to answer her questions promptly so we could leave ASAP.  (Oh, if you're wondering, #3 son had pink eye.  Yucky, itchy, and painful.  It's really fun to have to wait for medication, because we want as many people in the family as possible to get it. (sarc))

We checked into the pharmacy at 8:40.  We left, got daughter, got her to her appointment on time.  Then we had to drive back to the base clinic to pick up the prescription.

I just found out they are building a new medical clinic on base.  It is on the other side of the base.  I will now have to add 15-20 minutes to the drive time because it will take that long to either drive through or drive around the base to the new location.  The location does not make a lot of sense, except that the land was empty.  It is no where near the main gates; it is no where near base housing or the barracks.  It is not even near the main traffic area (the base exchange, commissary, recreation center, gas station, etc.) of the base.  It is kind of like when we were in Germany and they decided to put all the dependent dental services at a tiny air base that was close to being shut down.  There we had to drive an extra 20 miles to the dentist--for "our convenience", no kidding, they said it was for our convenience. 

I have never understood why those that you make appointments with have more priority over my time than I do.  I must show up early, but I don't get so much as an apology for waiting for them.  And, if I question it, I get a nasty attitude.

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