Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Inquisition -- Catholic Seminar Offered

Currently offered at Catholic Distance University:  The Inquisition

"Study one of the most controversial and misunderstood topics in Catholic history. It will focus on the development of both the so-called Roman and Spanish Inquisitions."

This sure to be interesting seminar begins Tuesday, January 17th, so enroll now!  Go to CDU's website to learn more and to enroll in this seminar.  It last three weeks and requires approximately 10 hours of time for the non-credit option.

Other upcoming seminars that may be of interest:

Forming Disciples for Community and Mission: Basic Tasks of Catechesis
February 6 - 27 with Brian Pizzalato, Ph.D. Candidate
"Examine the six fundamental tasks of catechesis, with a particular emphasis on the need to foster in others a sense of responsibility towards the community of the Church, and to equip them with ways to use their gifts and talents to witness Christ in their everyday lives."

Bioethics: The Catholic Approach
February 13 - March 5 with William Saunders, J.D.
"This three week online seminar will examine current issues such as stem cell research, end of life issues, and population control through attacks on life in all its stages. More information will be given about this seminar in the near future."

Classics in Spirituality
February 20 - March 12 with Fr. Bevil Bramwell, OMI, Ph.D
"Can you meditate? Do you have a vision of what your spirit ‘looks like’? This three week online seminar course will develop what is meant by the life of prayer with special emphasis on meditation."
You can check out all these great seminars and register by going to the CDU website.


aka the Mom said...

I find the time period of the Inquisition to be endlessly fascinating. Thanks for letting me know about this seminar. It looks great!

cathmom5 said...

My goodness, am I enjoying this seminar. The truth about "the" Inquistion is first of all that there was not just one overarching inquisition. Many parts of Europe did not have an inquisition and probably never heard of it. The medieval inquisition, the Roman inquistion, the Spanish inquisition, and the office of the Inquisition are all seperate entities. All with the same goal, however, to bring heretics back to the orthodoxy of the Church. Protestants did not fall under the perview of the Inquistion and were rarely even hassled by it. Most people accused of heresy would much rather have been tried by a court of the inquisition than the civil court. They were treated much better and the rulings were much more fairly arrived at. Anyway, I will blog on it later.