Friday, February 18, 2011

That Magic Number

Well, I have been trying to motivate myself to lose weight for some time now.  Having had five children and approaching middle age, I realize that losing weight is only going to get harder.  I even had a weight meter on my blog once to try to monitor and motivate myself.  However, the fact that the meter revealed my weight was mortifying not motivating.  So, I removed it. 

Then, I hit that magic number on the scale.  You know the one I mean.  That number which you can't imagine yourself weighing.  That number that shocks and disgusts you.  That number which finally kicks you in the a$% and makes you do something.  Well, I reached MY magic number.  I thought I would pass out.  How could I weigh that much

So, finally, I got motivated to change it.  I have worked hard the last 4 weeks.  I tried the Special K diet (no they are not sponsoring me or reimbursing me), and cutting down on my Coke (Coca-Cola, that is) addiction.  I also started in on Pilates at home--20 minutes a day, several days a week.  It is working.  Praise God.  I have lost 8 pounds so far.  Now I feel a little obsessed by it.  I can't wait to work off the other 35 pounds I want to lose.  I have no illusions that it will be quick or easy, not at this stage of my life.  But I do want to feel better and fit in my clothes again.  It would also be nice to not look like one of the middle-aged beached whales at the pool this Summer.

Not one person has noticed the change in me, except me.  That's fine.  At least I am no longer disgusted by my 'shelf'--the top of the big belly just below the bust.  It's gone!  Thank God.  The squareness of my hips is already softening.  I'm actually feeling more human and less like a blob.  The only draw back so far is the constant soreness, and I threw my back out once last week while playing with my teenage son.  I couldn't do Pilates for several days after that.  So, my physical problems and limitations have not improved much, but my body shape has.

So, anyone out there listening, if you've reached your magic number.  Go for it.  It will not be easy and the excruciatingly slow progress can be discouraging.  But stick with it.  Whatever diet or exercise regimen you choose.  Just be consistent and keep your new magic number (your goal weight--keep it realistic) in mind as you keep on track.  Don't do it for anyone else but you.  To quote a famous ad campaign--Just Do It!  No one can do it for you.  

Here is the Special K website, if you need help:  I am neither endorsing nor recommending this as THE diet for anyone.  It is working for me, that doesn't mean it will work for you.

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