Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend (3)

Well, finally, the weekend's activities are at an end.  I am burnt to a crisp.  My nose is painful.  I felt like the odd "man" out most of the time.  You see, being under 50, a woman and mother of 5 children under 16 makes me somewhat of an oddity in my (and probably most) veteran's post of the Catholic War Veterans.  I like to brag that I am the youngest member of the post, but really it can be uncomfortable at times working with men my father's and my grandfather's age.  Don't get me wrong, they are nice men, but I that I can't relate to them most of the time.  They are wonderful men and our post has already made a mark in the community despite our post being only one year old. 

Yesterday, I was honored to be part of the rifle team that shot a "21 gun" salute at Sunny Lane Cemetary in Del City, Oklahoma.  Because it rained the night before, many people thought the ceremony for Memorial Day was cancelled but the just moved it to the chapel of the funeral home.  We stood outside the door and shot the 7 rifles, 3 times upon the appropriate command.  It was my first time firing an M-1.  I felt a very special part of this honor ceremony. 

Next, three of us went to Rose Hill Burial Park.  We posted the colors, that is, we marched up with the flag and put it in its holder, and saluted the flag.  Then we picked up the honor wreath and placed it on its stand for the Memorial of those we remember on Memorial Day.  We stayed through the service to ensure the flags stayed in place.  There was a releasing of the doves I had never seen before.  3 doves released for the Trinity.  One dove released for the remembrance of each veteran who gave his life for our country.  Then 7 doves released for the number of days a week we should give service to our country.  It was beautiful and touching.

I am happy and honored to have participated in all this but I'm glad it's over.  I need another bath and lots of aloe!

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