Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little Saints Preschool

As my reader(s) know I homeschool my 5 kids. My youngest is 4. I found "Little Saints Catholic Preschool" several years ago when my third child was that age. It is a wonderful program. However, I cannot always find the books listed for each week's lesson in my local library system. So, I thought I'd help those who may be using the same program. This week week we are doing "Good Health". My library had none of the books about going to the doctor. I found the following and wanted to share them.

My Friend the Doctor by Joanna Cole
Her books are always good. Nice, gentle description of everything that happens on at a routine doctor's appointment.

Next! Please by Christopher Inns
This one is a little more silly. Dr. Bunny must see several stuffed animal patients and repair them.

ABC Doctor by Liz Murphy
Very good doctor ABC book. Warning: U for urine sample and V for Vomit may not be for those with more delicate sensibilities.

I also found The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist for the dental day's reading.

I'll keep you all posted. Anyone else interested in help with this program, feel free to send me a comment-question. Notice: I moderate ALL comments, so you may not see yours for a couple of days.

Little Saints: A Catholic Preschool Program can be found at . It is recommended by Laura Berquist (Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum) and Francis Crotty (Co-founder of Kolbe Academy, the school I use and recommend).

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